Meet the Chefs

Chef Racqi (front); Chef Lindo (back). Photo by Dia Smith at Skybox Htown

Chef Racquel (Racqi) Hainsworth, Executive Chef, Co-Owner

After graduating Culinary School at the Art Institute of Houston, Chef Racqi introduced Midnight Cravings to showcase her baking and pastry skillset but found her inspiration to blend cultures through cuisines. From Cajun to the Caribbean, Chef Racqi transforms dishes we know and love into visual masterpieces with equivalent flavors. Hoping to inspire other mothers and wives to follow their passion, Palate Fusion Cuisines LLC was formed during the peak of the Covid-19 Pandemic with a camera phone and a home kitchen where content turned into catering. Becoming the Private Chef to some of Houston’s finest has segued into working with various non-profit organizations where she continues to encourage women to help each other elevate and achieve their own vision of success.

Chef Randolph Lindo, Sous Chef, Co-Owner

Born an Artist at heart, Chef Lindo embraces the artistry of flavor and visual appeal when cooking. At the age of 32 looking to satisfy his curiosity of the Culinary Arts he found himself enrolling into the Art Institute of Houston. During this time Chef Lindo began staging for Palate Fusion as a way to gain more experience with fine cuisines. This opportunity led to his first weekend-long Private Chef Experience with the Palate Fusion team which changed the course of his culinary career more than ever imagined. Chef Lindo’s interest for the Culinary Arts grew into a passion for elevating the simplest of dishes into pieces of edible art. As Sous Chef he continued to build clientele through pop-up events around Houston and help rebrand the business into Palate Fusion Cuisines LLC as Co-Owner.

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